Yogurt Cream Healthy Food White Snack DietIf there’s one food people can agree on loving, it’s frozen yogurt.
Frozen yogurt (more affectionately known as froyo) is more than just yummy. It’s an easily customizable dessert that comes in a variety of flavors. Some folks love it for its flavor, but there are more that love it for its health benefits.
There’s no denying that if you’re looking for a healthy dessert that froyo beats out ice cream. But have you ever wondered why?
As soon as you read this post you will know more about the variety of health benefits it offers.
Tired of drinking milk to get calcium? Treat yourself with a few frozen yogurt!
Froyo has an average of 178 mg of calcium per half-cup serving, it is clearly a superb source of calcium.
Calcium is well known for its positive effects on teeth and bones, but it does much more than keep them strong.
Calcium intake can decrease the growth of extra cells in the colon, which in turn might help prevent cancer. Diets high in calcium can also aid in weight loss and help prevent obesity.
If you’re counting calories it can look like every day is a struggle to eat within your own limits.
For those who have a sweet tooth you’re limited to only so many alternatives.
Frozen yogurt itself is a really low-calorie food, even if it’s flavored. If you are careful with your toppings and serving size, you can have a nice low-calorie dessert if you decide to eat frozen yogurt.
Boost digestive health
Do you feel as if you’re sensitive to milk?
Frozen yogurt could be the dessert choice that you’re searching for. Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are beneficial for the human body, and froyo is full of both useful organisms Lactobacillus bulgaricus and Streptococcus thermophilous.
Those two probiotics can help break down lactose and be easier on the stomachs of people with dairy sensitivities. The helpful bacteria may also help balance the amount of microflora in the gut.
If you look for frozen yogurt which has the live and active culture’s seal, then you will have a dessert that’s great for digestive health.
Cakes, cake, and other desserts might be tasty but they do not have a lot of nutritional content. Traditional desserts are full of sugars and carbs, but frozen yogurt is full of nourishment. Frozen yogurt may be the perfect snack for people that will need to feel full.
There is a good deal of protein in a half cup of frozen yogurt, more than sufficient to warrant this sweet treat every once in awhile.
Satisfying snacks that are also low in fat can be hard to come by, not at Animal Removal Boca Raton.
On top of all of the health benefits, froyo has to offer, its low-fat content may be the best.
Ice cream can be very fattening, but frozen yogurt has nearly half the fat of ice cream. If you wish to be certain you’re maintaining your fat content low, you can stick to non-fat tastes.


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